Saturday, August 29, 2009

Love Aaj Kal Download Movie MP3 Songs

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love aajkal
Express Your Feelings About Today’s Generation Love!!
luv aajkal is still d same. . ppl n feelings have changed. .
luv aaj kal modern ho gaya hai
aajkal luV i very EXPENSIVE !
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love aajkal is unavailable
True luv z True tym-paas…
Saif’s film finally gets a name ‘Love Aaj Kal’ !!
Download Love Aaj Kal Trailer (HQ) Download
CAST:—Saif Ali Khan … Jai/Kashish
Deepika Padukone … Meera
Rahul Khanna … Aditya Khanna
Love Aajkal
Rishi Kapoor … Ritu Singh
Florence Brudenell-Bruce … Jo
The shooting of the film started on May 2008[3] and took place in Red Fort, Purana Qila and on the streets of Delhi. Parts have been shot in London, San Francisco and Kolkata . The film wasn’t given a name until January 2009, after shooting was complete. Deepika ROCKs, I wonder why many find her irritating and not a good actress…She is Pretty Good Actress…

Love AajKal Movie MP3 Songs Download Free, Download Love Aaj Kal Mp3 Songs

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