Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hurricane Helms vs. Paul Burchill

In this ECW feud, both superstars meant business in the ring. Paul Burchill was able to gain control in the match using a neckbreaker followed by a neck submission hold to wear down Helms. Hurricane got back to his feet, and Burchill tried to ram him head first to the turnbuckle. Helms fought back to stop him, using an offensive attack including a reverse DDT, followed by a two count. Hurricane tried to clothesline Burchill, but he ducked, then hit a Pele kick. Hurricane ducked Burchill's clothesline attempt, then hit a crossbody off the corner for a two count.

Burchill rolled to the outside of the ring to recover. Helms went to collect him and put him on the apron for a suplex move. Helms got back in the ring ready to do his Shining Wizard, but as he went for the suplex, Katie Lea held Burchill's leg from outside. Helms began to complain to the ref about it, and that allowed Burchill to hit a quick move on Helms, followed by the rollup pin.

Winner: Paul Burchill wins via pinfall over Hurricane Helms.


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