Monday, August 24, 2009

Big B and Sanjay Dutt to clash on screen

Aladin’ will have them fighting it out in the middle

In the current decade, Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt have worked together in half a dozen odd films. 'Shoot out at Lokhandwala', 'Eklavya - The Royal Guard', 'Deewar - Let's Bring Our Heroes Home', 'Viruddh' , 'Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin' and 'Kaante', which gave a different dimension to their on screen rivalry.

Now it's time for the two veteran actors, though separated by a generation, to be at loggerheads again in Eros International’s “Aladin”.

Agrees Sujoy, "Yes, Mr. Bachchan and Dutt saab are fighting it out again in 'Aladin'. It's a different energy altogether when actors like these are pitted against each other. This time around it is 'Genius - The Genie' (Big B) v/s 'Ringmaster' (Sanjay Dutt)."

If one goes down the memory lane, 'Kaante' had been ever so memorable for Sanjay Dutt's cold dialogue - 'Major, Tu Sirf Bhaukega Ya Kaatega Bhi [Major, are you only going to bark or even bite]?' that had created a frenzy of sorts.

No one had expected any actor, even though he was someone of the stature of Sanjay Dutt, to address a living legend like Amitabh Bachchan in such manner, even though it was for screen.

Moreover, Sanju baba has been known for respecting Big B since decades due to which this dialogue was even more shocking and had made headlines. Do we expect such headline grabbing antics in 'Aladin' as well?

"Well, when two actors like these are pitted opposite each other, there are bound to be fireworks. Now whether these would be through power packed dialogues or some intense scenes or symbolic gestures is something that would be for audiences to see once the film arrives this summer. However, I can assure that those looking for a man to man combat, whether physically or verbally, won't be disappointed," says Sujoy who is said to have created enough dramatic sequences featuring the two.

"I couldn't have wasted this opportunity for anything," he smiles, "Both of them have appeared in quite a few movies together but their characters have more often than not shared cordial relationship with each other. In 'Aladin' that's hardly the case. They are on different sides of the fence and have fought it out in the middle.”

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