Thursday, August 27, 2009

Finlay vs. Mike Knox vs. Dolph Ziggler Triple Threat Match

This match would determine a #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title at Breaking Point PPV. All three men intensely battled in and out of the ring. During one segment, Finlay and Knox fought outside the ring. Ziggler tried the baseball slide dropkick with Finlay using the apron cover to catch him, then punched him. Knox came over and leveled Finlay, then rolled Ziggler into the ring. Finlay rushed in and tried a quick pin on Ziggler, with Knox breaking it up. Ziggler then dropkicked Knox outside so he could fight Finlay one on one inside the ring. The two wrestlers traded punches, with Finlay and Ziggler eventually fighting on the top rope. Knox was back in and put Finlay in an Electric Chair to take him down. Ziggler went for a leg drop off the top rope, but Finlay avoided it.

As the action continued later on, all three men were fighting in the ring. Ziggler hit a move on Knox as Finlay hit a rolling thunder on Ziggler. Finlay went after Knox with Zigler punching Finlay. Ziggler sent Finlay to the corner, but missed on his splash attempt. Finlay then went for a submission hold with Knox coming over to boot him in the face. Knox followed with a suplex on Ziggler, but Finlay went to the middle rope and then tackled Knox down for a 2 count pinfall. Knox rolled over and grabbed Finlay's shillaleigh, then swung at Finlay. Finlay ducked the move and kicked Knox then hit his Celtic Cross finisher for a pin. Ziggler rushed over and pulled Finlay off to toss him into the corner ring post, then took the winning pinfall on Mike Knox. Ziggler celebrated up on the ramp to end the show as the Smackdown commentators discussed Friday night's CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy cage match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall over Mike Knox to become #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title.


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