Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Katrina prescribed complete bed rest

She spent most of Sunday in hospital

Katrina Kaif has been prescribed complete bed rest as her health becomes a cause of concern.

The actress, who recently had jaundice, is unwell once again and was seen at a suburban hospital in Mumbai yesterday (Dec 13).

Her hemoglobin level mysteriously continues to fall down despite medical treatment from the best of the doctors. This is of immense concern for her family and friends.

Katrina spent almost the whole of Sunday at the hospital undergoing medical tests, as the doctors too were worried about her deteriorating health.

Despite her frail condition, there have been certain commitments which Katrina hasn’t missed in last couple of weeks. One such commitment kept her on her toes on Friday and Saturday evening. It was the Sangeet and wedding ceremony of Salman’s Khan’s friend Krishan Narayan’s daughter.

After several public appearances over the last couple of weeks, these two hectic days proved to be the last straw and Katrina was unable to get out of bed on Sunday morning and had to visit the doctor.

Now she has been advised complete bed rest.

We wish her speedy recovery and the best of health.

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