Friday, October 30, 2009

Swiss Cheese iPhone Case Designs are All About the Cheese

With so many new iPhone Cases released, some are rather cool and some are a little cheesier than the rest, and with the new Swiss Cheese case, it is really so.

The Swiss Cheese iPhone case is a cool looking iPhone sleeve that arrives in one complete piece. It is made of a felt piece and no two cases are alike. You can also say that each hole is unique and original for the individual.

Now it is really fun to see food items made into cases, as we seen before with the Bacon iPhone Sleeve, the Bacon and Egg iPhone pouch and even the Pop Tart iPhone case. The thing with this new one in the shape and color of cheese, we are little by little adding the entire food pyramid.

Each case runs for $35 and as mentioned before…one of a kind.

Source : walyou


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