Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rani Mukerji works hard to win back popularity

‘Dance Premier League’ giving her the chance

Even though we love her, Rani Mukerji no longer seems the actress who can assure hits at the box office.

After her recent film “Dil Bole Hadippa” failed to create any excitement, despite Rani putting her heart and soul into it, the actress seems to have accepted that time is not on her side anymore. Newer stars have taken over Bollywood and are stronger at the box office.

Rani is now doing all that she never did. Earlier she was not very particular about her wardrobe and often repeated outfits at public events. However, of late we have seen her transforming into her stylish best and looking more stunning than she ever has.

Rani also did not pay much attention to her rapport with the media in past; and that too is changing now.

Professionally, her last chance is the “Dance Premier League” reality show which she is judging (pictured above). Rani is going all out to make it right so it helps her climb the popularity charts again and win her fans back.

Rani is taking all the right steps - from meeting up with buddy Shah Rukh and getting tips from him for her TV debut, to reaching the sets for her show on time.

Rani arrives at the RK Studios in Chembur at 10am and goes about getting ready for her shot, which is at 4pm. She never throws any tantrums and is patient about everything. No wonder, everyone at DPL is bowled over.

Now that popularity just has to make its way out of the studio. We are waiting for the return of Rani.

“Dance Premier League” goes on air on Friday, October 23, 2009 at 8.00pm on Sony Entertainment Television.


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