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New York Movie Review, New York Movie Preview

New York Movie Review, New York Movie Preview, New York Movie Review, New York Movie Preview

New York Movie Review, New York Movie Preview

ProducerAditya Chopra, Yash Chopra
DirectorKabir Khan
WriterAditya Chopra
LyricsSandeep Shrivastava
Release Date26-Jun-2009

New York Movie Preview

When a hardcore commercial flick gets a standing ovation and a huge round of applause at the end of the show, you know that there is something definitely right that the director has done. In this regard, Kabir Khan can take a bow because he has done exceedingly well in making a film that is not frivolous, has a message and still carries enough commercial ingredients to reach out to masses as well as classes.

His "New York" is a gripping dramatic thriller that has all the trappings to finally end the drought that Bollywood has been facing for an entire year so far.

The film gets on to the point right away. The entire sequence of events involving FBI and the round up of suspects is brilliantly executed that makes you further believe that Kabir Khan knows the job right.

If in his first attempt "Kabul Express" he gave a documentary start to the film by showing actual clippings of 9/11, in case of "New York" too he doesn't shy away from showing the world what US has become post 9/11.

So what one gets to see is not just America's mentality after 9/11, but also the way suspects are detained for months and tortured in spite of lack of concrete evidence. However, to the credit of the filmmaker, the brutality being demonstrated is pretty much under control.

Even though the desired impact is created for the audience to be a part of the lives of John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Katrina Kaif, nothing goes over the top or something that cannot be swallowed.

With a subject like "New York" where one of the protagonists is labelled as a terrorist and the other is out to prove that he isn't, the film could have become a grim drama, more so because it deals with real issues. Still, the makers do not allow the film to go beyond the boundaries where it could possibly have been classified as an art or an offbeat film.

Instead, a strict eye is kept on the box office hence making sure there is enough drama, thrills and emotional moments to keep audiences thoroughly engaged in the not-so-lengthy movie.

John can finally do away with his trunks and ignore coming out of the sea and show his body beautiful for next few years. The acting potential in him has finally been tapped by Kabir Khan and he gives his career's best performance so far in the movie. Watch out for the scenes in the detention centre or the film's climax - they are surely going to bring a lump in your throat.

Neil has the most complex role of the three as he has to be a part of the proceedings in spite of being on the peripherals. Without revealing much about his part, it can be comfortably said that all the flak that he got post the release of "Aa Dekhen Zara" would be forgotten once audiences see him in this author backed role.

His scenes with Irrfan Khan, who plays an FBI officer and is extremely effective once again, need a special mention. They are extremely well written and enacted.

Katrina too suits the role to a T and after "Namastey London" again gets to play a part where she actually contributes to the film's plot.

With the kind of subject that "New York" has, it could have easily become a sermonising or a pseudo exercise in motion. Thankfully, Aditya Chopra, who has written the film's story, doesn't allow that to happen. He keeps it all under check to ensure that "New York" reaches out to the masses while also ensuring itself quite a few awards when the best of the best are announced at the end of the year.

"New York" is a must watch!

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